Sidney bath
Tecniceramica, a Company dedicated to red body tiles manufacturing since 1965, has always followed new trends and adapted to market needs.

Tecniceramica was founded in Alcora -Castellon-, the cradle of Spanish ceramics; it is dedicated to the production of single firing porous tiles. Our main aim has always been quality and design, as well as customer service.

TECNICERAMICA is first of all, a family-run Company. This is reflected in its products which are characterised by tradition, design, and quality.

We hope you will feel identified with our idea.


medio ambiente
Our Company commitment to caring for the environmental sustainability of productive processes. These days, Tecniceramica carefully controls its waste disposal during the different phases of its production process; that is the reason why they received in 2008, AAI -Integrated Environmental Authorization-.

We regularly check to comply with the current regulations about sustainability.
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